Coordinating the work of photographers in the exclusive online store

Applications developed for Best Secret GmbH

600 GB
of photos taken each
more than 20

Online sales are becoming increasingly popular and offer a substantially broader product range than traditional stores. They also offer their customers convenient shopping experience from home, work or a café.

A well designed website constitutes an important, visible part of this experience. However, this is only a piece of software that e-commerce needs. For a business to work efficiently, there are many dedicated back-end processes invisible to shoppers.

Good product presentation is essential for helping customers make educated purchase decisions. High quality photos are the best way of presenting clothes and accessories to customers.

Getting the work done

Scheduler, created for and with BestSecret, is an application that supports product photography processes. It allows the person managing the process to plan the work of multiple photographer teams. It also supports deadline management for photo shoots to meet the product launch date.

Photographer, in turn, sends information about products to be photographed on particular day to the teams. Immediately after the photos are taken, they are fed to the application. It allows to quickly select the best shots from the session and assign them to appropriate items, along with the information about the size, type of material or finish. All this to start selling more quickly, and ensure the completeness of product descriptions.

Managing high volume

Simplicity is the distinguishing feature of Scheduler and Photographer applications. The interface is prepared specially for busy creative teams working to tight deadlines. The application allows them to quickly process and distribute thousands of images and a total volume of over 20 GB per day.

In 2013 a prototype was verified with the customer and the applications are under continuous development.

The project was developed with the use of C#, WPF and WCF technology.


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