Project management application which easily adapts to specific requirements of each client

Project Management Office for Oliver Wyman

global PM tool

As a global consulting company, Oliver Wyman faces unique business challenges to meet the needs of its clients. Daily operation of the company involves solving complex problems, improving the performance, business processes and profitability of thousands of companies worldwide.

The nature of services provided by Oliver Wyman calls for a tailored approach and reliable project management software. Since numerous off-the-shelf solutions available on the market did not satisfy the specific needs of the company, we created the Web-based PMO tool, a dedicated application crafted to the specification set forth by the company.


The main distinguishing feature of the solution is the functionality which facilitates sharing relevant information on current projects. This essential feature vastly improves the cooperation between Oliver Wyman consultants and their clients on a global basis. The specificity of this collaboration makes progress tracking and status reporting particularly swift for both parties. The PMO tool allows remote connection to the system, updating the information about completed stages and analysis of the next steps.

The software we have created is also equipped with project configuration tools. Instead of an advanced user interface that would be difficult to adapt to the requirements of individual clients without touching the code, we adopted a solution based on Excel files. On one end there are configuration files containing information like the structure of the project, people involved in it, or the appearance of the web interface. On the other end there are data files containing information about milestones and current progress of the project. Individual configuration is particularly important because various employees and clients of Oliver Wyman accessing the application need to use different functionalities, indexes and permissions. With clear document structure, the configuration sheets can be easily edited by non-IT experts.

The PMO tool also allows generating reports on the milestone and/or financial progress on different project levels based on data stored in one single database.

To develop the application, we decided on .NET. The decision was motivated by the fact that Microsoft technology is comprehensible and friendly to the customer. It guarantees excellent compatibility not only with Excel files, but also with SQL Server and Reporting Services.

The solution was created in 2010 and has since been in continuous development.


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