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Participant registration – whether it is for corporate events or international trade fairs – should take as little time as possible. The more complex the task is, the greater the risk that the invitee gets discouraged and abandons the event registration process. It shows how important it is to minimize the number clicks required to register, and make the website as user-friendly as possible. Salutor addresses the challenge and allows the organizer to configure and adapt it to a specific event.

Online event registration, from the convenience of a desktop computer is a solution that Salutor has offered for many years. Many of our clients, however, have recently requested a mobile solution. Guests who read the invitation on mobile phones may want to immediately register and confirm their participation. To bring fast and convenient registration functionality to mobile devices, we created a responsive web page that automatically adjusts to the size of the display. Responsive web design ensures that the content is displayed correctly on every device, and dynamically adjusted to fit the screen.

Handling heavy traffic

Prior to creating the responsive web page, we sat down with the client to decide on the right tool for the purpose. The perfect solution was not only expected to adapt the look of the page to the device, but also support older browsers on computers. This also assumed the support for Internet Explorer 8 which, at the time, was the browser of choice of more than ten percent of Internet users. The tool that met all these criteria was "Twitter Bootstrap”. Working out the solution also involved the participation of our graphic designers, lending their valuable experience in the area of current UX standards. These efforts made the site equally user-friendly and intuitive whether viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

What is important, participant registrations often take place immediately after sending out the invitations or their publication on social networks. This means that the application handles a lot of traffic in a very short time. We made sure it was easy to integrate with a powerful database such as Oracle or SQL, allowing it to handle several thousand submissions per hour. This gives guests the confidence that their registrations are handled almost immediately.


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