A solution for bank associations for supervision over reporting processes

tranSIS – supporting oversight of about Poland's 600 cooperative banks

about  600
cooperative banks

Cooperative banks in Poland are both large organizations and small financial institutions, closely connected with local communities and playing an important role in them. Regardless of the size, cooperative banks in Poland are obliged to report to the supervising authority – the National Bank of Poland. These reports are collected, verified and sent through the Association of Cooperative Banks, which acts as an intermediary.

In Poland, there are about 600 cooperative banks whose XBRL filings can contain tens of thousands of reported figures. Such a volume of reports calls for a complex IT system built upon the most advanced know-how.

Automation of report verification

Back in 2007, when we were working on a solution to handle this process, we decided to base the system on distributed architecture. We implemented the aSISt reporting application for each of the cooperative banks. The reports are delivered to the Association with the help of the tranSIS system, which uses Java Message Services communication. The association, using the tranSIS Console, performs automatic verification of these reports and forwards them to the National Bank of Poland.

Currently, the tranSIS system offers a number of mechanisms that allow to easily analyse and verify the reports, and have full control of the report life cycle on the aSISt side. The system has also been enriched with B2B mechanisms for communication with the National Bank of Poland. The functionality was developed in close cooperation with the Associations, which supported us in automation and streamlining of many processes.

Integrated platform for mandatory filing process

Over the years, the amount of processed data increased significantly. TranSIS, on top of the required COREP and FINREP XBLR reports, also processes dozens of others. XBRL has become for us an integrated platform on which we based almost entire mandatory filing processes of banks.

All regulatory reports for supervisors such as the Financial Supervision Authority, Bank Guarantee Fund and National Bank of Poland share a common denominator in our system: XBRL. However, if the supervisor expects a different input format for its system, relevant layers are available to support conversion of reports to a variety of formats, including: fixed point, MS Excel documents, PDF files and proprietary formats.


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